High-speed train network

High-speed train network
Students traveling from Konya to Ankara by high-speed train also requested high-speed trains to their hometown.

Diyarbakır and Vanlı students, who are continuing their education at Selçuk University, wanted the high-speed train network to cover the Eastern and Southeastern provinces.

Students who stated that the distance between Konya and Ankara decreased by one and a half hours by the high speed train, they stated that the same facilities should benefit from their hometowns.

Traveling by high speed train, Ahmet Faruk Çevik said, "I am a university student in Konya, I can reach my hometown Van in XNUMX hours by road, it is very tiring." said.

Abdulmenaf Eskin stated that he resides in Konya and can reach him in his hometown Diyarbakır in an hour and stated that they want the high-speed train network to expand.

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