Birds still get used to high-speed train flies still bored

Birds still get used to high-speed train flies still bored
In air transport, birds are often a problem, sometimes causing accidents and sometimes forcing landing, and high-speed trains (YHT) have become a problem on the road. At the high speed between Ankara and Eskişehir, 250 trains were hit by a large number of birds in the early days. The birds that are accustomed to the trains on this road are having less accidents than before.

Turkey, met with the high-speed train opened in March 2009 Ankara-Eskisehir line. Ankara-Konya and Eskişehir-Konya lines were added in four years. With the opening of the last tunnel on the Eskişehir-Istanbul line yesterday, the fourth line was one step closer. Citizens are already used to traveling by train at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. According to Özdemir Sırmagül, who is a YHT attendant between Ankara and Eskişehir, there are birds among those who cannot get used to it at first. Sırmagül stated that with the opening of the lines and the use of the trains, the birds constantly hit the windows, and says that on the Ankara-Eskişehir line, the birds are now used to, and that very few birds have been struck compared to the past. Emphasizing that flies are still a problem for drivers, even though the birds are used to it, Sırmagül said, “Birds are used to it, but there are flies in summer. says. Explaining that many flies hit the windshield while the train was in motion and there was no possibility to clean it during the journey, Sırmagül said, “Although it is a system to clean the glass, we cannot use it in motion. There is glass water, there is special medicine in it, but we clean it when the speed is low or when it is stopped. " He speaks in the form. Saying that the pollution caused by the impact of flies and birds on the windows does not hinder the vision, Özdemir Sırmagül says that they are comparatively difficult because it is more in the evenings.

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