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He said the Ministry will deliver to your home, but this is Turkey .. State always choose to victimize citizens. Still neither our HGS came to our homes nor a news. As you know, the Ministry of Transport is about to remove OGSs after KGSs. The Fast Pass System-HGS application, which was initiated to reduce the traffic (gûya) on bridges and highways, was expanded and Automatic Transition. System-OGS is also being removed ..
Fast Transition System-HGS application, which is started to reduce the traffic (bridges) on bridges and highways, is being expanded and it is being removed at Automatic Pass System-OGS.
By converting the KGS tolls to HGS in February, the ministry will remove all (other) toll booths by converting the OGS tolls to HGS within the month. Thus, only HGS will be used for bridge and highway crossings. However, consumers who want to convert their OGS to HGS will not be able to take back the costs they paid (from the citizens instead of the deposit).
Citizens will take back your deposits are called fraud. However, the citizens paid the deposit price, but they paid it to the Ziraat Bank as a Dollars (money). In this case, they will not receive a penny after HGS.
HGS Transition Violation Inquiry
Because HGS is a new application, drivers are surprised by many issues. One of them, "HGS label and card and we will be punished if we pass through other tolls?" Question. I researched the topic for you:
14 May 2012 published in the official newspaper of the General Directorate of Highways under the responsibility of access to motorways with access to the control of tolls on the road and the implementation of the regulation of the tariffs in accordance with the 10. must use as. In the case of transition from the output lanes outside these lanes, a toll is charged cez. Therefore, OGS, KGS and HGS are separate transition systems, each subscriber must pass through his own lane. Otherwise, an 11 trip ticket will be charged.
Have you made such a mistake?
CLICK HERE: HGS Pass Violation Inquiry
For example, type in your license plate number on the incoming screen using only uppercase letters, such as 34YL5989, and type the letters and letters in the captcha (security code) image, then click on QUESTION. If you do not have a punishment, you will immediately see what, if any, and you will be upset.
We advise you to avoid all this: Go to the bank and get your HGS (for free). Or daydream and wait for you to come home. If you don't want to get old in the bank queues, go to one of your PTT branches to your 5 TL. Of course, the person who will go on the vehicle, and next to the vehicle with the license card to be found TC identity card .. Let's come easy ..

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