Pay attention to this number in your HGS registration

Vehicle owners’a According to the complaints he sent, the wrong registration of the mobile number while receiving the HGS made many people victims. The passes of those who did not realize that their balance was over were considered as illegal and the penalty toll was charged.
It is enough for car owners to submit their licenses, identity cards, cell phone numbers and licenses when getting a Fast Pass System (HGS). I mean, they don't need photocopies. However, in the HGS records, when the phone numbers were registered incorrectly, no automatic message was sent to the vehicle owners that the number was reduced. Those who did not realize that their balances were over and those who did not connect to the automatic loading from the bank had to pay a penalty fee when they were considered as illegal passes. Make sure that the numbers in the record are received correctly and check your balances in different ways.
Mobile Phones Are Paid When They Enter Incorrectly!
Ince My mobile phone number was registered incorrectly when I filled out the HGS application form. Then the transitions were evaluated as illegal and illegal fines were taken. How can I avoid victimization? Iyet
In I am a HGS card user, because my mobile phone number is entered incorrectly, my pass code goes to another GSM number. When I look at the customer services' site, I still find the wrong number, I have seen that it has not been improved, I would like to remove my victimization. müşteri
HGS Balance Question How?
In the HGS purchase process, the message is automatically sent to the mobile phone (GSM) number entered by the customer and the balance is reduced automatically. Another way to learn the balance is to learn via internet. Balances are also learned in detail when customer service is received.

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