Strike Fracture in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Stations

Strike Fracture in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Stations
In Istanbul, the strike of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) and the Turkish Transport Union (TUS) was jointly carried out at the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station in Istanbul. The railway workers gathered at the Haydarpaşa Train Station and hanged the banner at the 00: 00, the start of the strike, at the garage.

In the branches of BTS and TUS Istanbul, the unionists and cadres waiting for 00.00 from the time of 05.00 tried to implement the strike decision by going to the platforms in line with the strike decision from XNUMX. Transportation Officer Sen Istanbul Branch head Özcan Çokay broke the strike by pressing the mechanic Muzaffer Erdem to take the train.

In the morning, 11.00 started the event with the music star of the Polar Star Music Band and continued with a press release by the BTS 12.00 Branch Training Secretary Mithat Ercan at 1.

Mithat Ercan, the Secretary of Education and Organization of the Department of Unified Transport Employees Istanbul 1, evaluated a daily strike in our newspaper. Ercan, Haydarpaşa Gar'deki strike, the number of trains, staff can not stop the suburban flights due to the very low, but the Sirkeci-Yedikule trains were closed to the transportation, he said.

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