Ankara Gar in front of Haydarpaşa Gar

Ankara Gar in front of Haydarpaşa Gar
Haydarpaşa Station Will Never Be Alone ”was held in front of Ankara Station on the 63th week of the action, which has been held on the stairs of Haydarpaşa Station on Sundays for 64 weeks. It was stated that Haydarpaşa is not the Olympic village but Istanbul's Central Train Station. The group "Ankara wants Haydarpaşa Announcement back" sözcüstudied Sü Füsun Çiçekoğlu. At the end of the statement in which the events experienced until today during the looting process of Haydarpaşa station, it was stated that Haydarpaşa Station will never be left alone until the transformation plan of Haydarpaşa station is abandoned. The law on the liberalization of TCDD was protested with slogans. Levent Değirmenci and Ahmet Eroğlu Türküler sang in the protest, and the dances were drawn. KESK General Secretary İsmail Tombul, who came to support the action, made a speech and stated that they will fight resolutely against the privatization attempts in the railways and PTT. BTS former chairman Yunus AKIL also read Haydarpaşa poem he wrote in prison.

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