Hatayda cable car looking up to date with bird's eye view

Hatayda cable car looking up to date with bird's eye view
Hatay, which has a historical and cultural richness due to hosting a great number of civilizations, will take its guests on a m historic sahip journey thanks to the cable car system which Antakya Municipality has been working on.

Hatay, which is called nedeniyle city of tolerance kent because of the presence of churches, mosques and synagogues in the same street and living in peace and fraternity together with the believers of different religions, aims to crown the rich tourism values ​​with the cable car project.

Thousands of 100 people will be able to travel to history, thanks to a thousand 200 cable cars that will extend from the historical Uzun Çarşı, which has many workplaces from spicemack to cheesemaker, shoemaker and coppersmiths.

Antique Antakya Mayor Lütfü Savaş, AA correspondent, the base mosaic richness of the name of the ab Archeology Museum Savaş, the first cave church Belediye St. Pierre bu, the oldest mosque in Anatolia arttırıl Habib-i Neccar den as well as the sea and plateau with an important tourism city of Hatay, more and more to promote the share of this sector said they work to increase.

Savas stated that they have been making efforts to solve the lower and upper building problems of the city since the day they took office and that they are trying to leave permanent works to the city by making new facilities.

-Front birds eye view-

Tourists visiting the museums, mosques and churches as well as visiting the cities of Hatay came to emphasize that they had rolled their arms in order to enable them to see a bird's eye view.

Dık We started making ropeways last year. Seleukos, who was the commander of Alexander the Great from İplik Market, which is next to the Historical Uzun Çarşı; 300 23 600 XNUMX meters built by the last remaining pieces of the walls of the last part of the Habib-i Neccar Mountain summit will extend to the first station at the first station we encountered a historical relic. The historic ruins around the Yarn Market were an advantage for us. The works are underway to bring the ruins to the surface and to be turned into an open museum. Byzantine and Roman ruins, mosaics and sewage system in the area, the cable car on the summit of the Habib-i Neccar Mountain by a bird's eye view can be seen by people.

Thousands of 100 meters of cable that will be a thousand meters per hour thanks to the transport of one person to the summit of Habib-i Neccar Mounted War, thanks to the project, the city's visitors will spend more time and the city's historical richness can watch a bird's eye told.

The restoration of the walls located on the Habib-i Neccar Mountain, which will be done in the war, where the social reinforcements will take place, people will spend a nice time in the nature of the nature of the Habib-i Neccar Mountain reported.

In June, they plan to finish the work of cable car transfer, the city's tourism in addition to the city's tourism, as well as contributing to the great bazaar will contribute greatly to the trades.

Source : I yurthaber.mynet.co

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