Strike railway life shot (Video)

Strike the railroad
In the strike started in railways, all trains were stopped in Izmir and surrounding cities, while in Adana Sirkeci Gar, trains were not operated, Ankara and Haydarpaşa were stricken.

16, the railroad's strike against the Railway Draft Bill, aimed at privatizing the railways, began in 00.00 in the whole country in the night of April.

The pro-government union in the strike organized by the United Transport Union and the Turkish Transport Sen, struck off the strike, not content with being out of the strike. In some places the train tariffs were changed, trains were taken from the strikers and they were given to Officer Sen members.

The first information about the strike is as follows;


A strike was launched at the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station in Istanbul at the 00.00 with the banner İstanbul Strike in this workplace! İstanbul. In both stations, the train services will start at 04.30 in the morning. Officers who do not participate in the strike due to the majority of the members of the trains here is not expected to stop completely.

From the first hours of the morning in Haydarpaşa, with the order of Officer Sen, Memur Sen member railwaymen started to run the trains. While some of the members of the BTS and TUS were staying in the union for the night watch, they called on the suburban trains starting from the 05.00 in the morning and called on Memur Sen members to support the strike. Officer You Haydarpasa Branch Chairman in the morning 04.00'de Gar 's ready to continue to break the strike.

In Sirkeci Gar, suburban trains from Sirkeci to Yedikule were stopped from the first time.

Railways will be at 12.00 in Haydarpaşa Gar.


In Izmir, all employees of TMI (Central Administration of Trains) have left work. Izmir, Denizli, Balikesir stopped all trains.


BTS and TUS members started to make a press statement in Ankara on 00.00. TCDD changed train schedule to prevent trains stopping in Ankara. BTS and TUS members are working instead of trains to Officer Sen members.


All trains, including freight trains, were stopped in Adana.

We will continue to convey developments.

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