Metal thieves in Germany delay trains

Metal thieves in Germany delay trains
Last year, due to the theft of cables and metal parts on the railways in Germany, trains were delayed for a total of 4 hours.

Trains were delayed for a total of 4 hours last year as thieves stole cables and other metal parts on the roads on German railways. More than 17 thousand trains had to sail outside their normal plans. Although the number of thefts decreased by 10 percent compared to the previous year and decreased to 2, the financial damage it caused increased to 700 million Euros.

Gerd Neubeck, head of the German Railways Security, told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that the thieves who risked their lives for a few euros had harmed the German Railway company and the passengers rather than the material damage.

Last year 558 people were caught stealing on the railways, German Railways reported. Theft is tried to be prevented with the measures taken by the railway. Artificial DNA, placed in a liquid substance, can be smeared on rails and other materials to detect stolen parts and thieves. Wherever possible, raw materials that will not be useful to thieves are used.

In recent years, theft in Europe has increased significantly. The total loss of 34 thousand kilometers on the railway, about 9 billion euros due to theft has occurred. Outside of the railways, cables belonging to electric power companies or cables belonging to telecommunication companies became the favorite of thieves. In recent years, the price of copper has increased considerably. Currently the price of one tonne of copper 7 bin 500 Euro. In 2000, the price of one tonne of copper was two-thirds less than the present.

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