In France, fast train employees were asked not to come to work from Africans

In France, fast train employees were asked not to come to work from Africans
Israeli President Peres during his visit to France, Africans working on the high-speed train, 'Muslim may' because they were asked not to come to work

French train company SNCF'nin Israeli President Shimon Peres from Belgium in Paris in March prior to the train travels from North Africa and black staff 'Muslim,' he had learned that the prohibition of coming to work.

The British Daily Mail wrote that racist practice occurred at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris and was discovered by the French transport union SUD-Rail. The company allowed North Africans and blacks to be 'Muslims' and ordered them not to come to work that day.

The French transport union SUD-Rail reported that Peres and the accompanying delegation were met by the staff of the national railway company SNCF at the time the train arrived from France to Belgium. However, there were no North Africans and blacks.


It is claimed that the workers who are likely to be Muslim are not wanted to be seen by Israel.

According to a statement made by the union in question, the company representatives first accused the garment of the Israeli embassy, ​​then the interior ministry.


This company, called SNCF, has been condemned to pay damages in cases opened because of carrying Jews to Nazi camps during the Holocaust.

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