First Year of Bridge Disaster in Çaycum

In the Çaycuma district of Zonguldak, 6 died in April last year as a result of the collapse of the bridge.
252 meter of the length of the 48 meter in the entrance of the district at the entrance of the 6 in April last year as a result of the collapse of the 4 person walking on the bridge at the time with the 11 person in the minibus, the lower Filyos Brook had fallen to the bottom. While the body of 79, including Kemal Gülşen, father of Çaycuma Mayor Mithat Gülşen, was found, Gülşen's nephew, Sezgin Gülşen (10), Women's Palace (21), retired miner Aziz Gülşen (49), Tahir Özkara (57) and Necati Azaklıoğlu (66) were not found.
Zonguldak Governorship, the disaster of 1. on the anniversary of the bridge near the bridge of Filyos memorial and planting ceremony for seedlings organized. Zonguldak Governor Erol Ayyildiz, CHP Zonguldak Deputy Ali Ihsan Köktürk, Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir, Çaycuma Governor Hasan Yaman, Mayor of Çaycuma Mithat Gülşen, circle managers and relatives of some of the deceased and many citizens attended. For those who died at the ceremony, the seedlings were planted in the kenarında Çaycuma Bridge Martyrs Memorial Forest Çay created on the edge of the Filyos Stream. One seedling was planted for the dead 15 person. The first sapling was planted together with Governor Ayyıldız and Ali İhsan Köktürk. Çaycuma Mayor Mithat Gülşen who couldn't keep his tears sewed his father Kemal Gülşen and his nephew Sezgin Gülşen's saplings with their relatives. The relatives of those who lost their lives in the disaster, who expressed their satisfaction with the memory of the souvenirs, created the saplings. Relatives of the deceased could not keep their tears while planting seedlings.
Çaycuma Mayor Mithat President Gülşen said, UM As of today, 6 April 2012 will be the leader of the bridge disaster 1. We have completed the anniversary. This pain doesn't come easily out of us. We know that the families of 5 and the people around him are in distress. Today we planted the 15 tree monument in their memory. It is an organization made by our governor. Let the spirits be again. May God rest his soul and wish peace be upon him. There's nothing we can say and do. Of course we will develop this area and make it more beautiful. We're thinking of making areas where people can visit and pray. Some of our families here are also part of the 1 in the afternoon. Anniversary of the anniversary of the Quran, because it will make them read Allah's mercy, '' he said.

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