Eskişehir Rail Systems Industry Zone Will Be Established

Eskişehir Rail Systems Industry Zone Will Be Established
AK Party Headquarters Economic Affairs Presidency in Eskisehir last week 'Eskişehir City Forum of Eskisehir priorities were discussed. As a result of the work carried out by a commission, the priority of the city was determined as 5. According to the 2023 targets of Eskişehir; Establishment of Eskişehir Technology University, Aerospace and Defense Industry Industrial Zone, Rail Systems Industry Zone, Film Plateau and Media Free Zone, Thermal Tourism, Congress, Fair and Health Center was set up.

In the statement made by Suleyman Reyhan, the Chairman of the AK Party in Eskisehir, today, cities are the economic locomotives of the countries and need to be developed for the development of the country. Ti For this purpose, the central governments adopt the approach taking into account the dynamics of the cities in the macroeconomic planning, benim said Provincial Chairman Reyhan, who stated that Eskişehir is moving towards this goal.

AK Party Headquarters by the Department of Economic Affairs in Turkey 'Urban Economics Forum' organized Reyhan said, in the meeting held in Eskisehir, said that disclosure of the final declaration. During the meeting held in April with the participation of Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı, the 13 project was voted through the 9 project which became the priority of Eskişehir. In line with the 5 targets of Eskişehir,, To be a leading industry, culture, university and tourism city that is capable of competing in international markets, producing high value-added products and services, educating and employing qualified workforce, is an environmentally conscious leader. Esk

In this context, the agreed 5 project was presented to the public. Firstly, a city called Eskişehir Technology University, aerospace and defense industry industrial zone, rail systems industrial zone, film plateau and media free zone and thermal tourism, congress, fair and health center should be established.



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