Tramway work in Eskisehir exceeded the ring road

Tramway work in Eskisehir exceeded the ring road
The tram system, which was introduced to the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, was followed by a project of continuation when it was adopted by everyone.

The city's three separate points of the city connecting the rails with the railroad in the border to the district officials began to work on the button. Studies are now coming to an end. In this summer, the Çamlıca line, which is expected to start test drives, has now passed the ring road. Tram runs from Uluönder to Çamlıca direction are coming to the end in this region. Bridge works started in Çamlıca and bridged transition works initiated by NEO in front of NEO were completed quickly. Finishing the bridge on the bridge will be done finishing touches.

In other lines such as Çamlıca line, rail laying works have gained speed. 71 Evler and Yenikent line are on the way to the final stage in the expansion works that continue without any problems due to the fact that they are softer than the Eskişehir winter known this year.

The new tram lines, which will go from the city center to the 22 separate neighborhood of the city, are expected to start walking this summer. The test runs are expected to start in September, while the main lines on the new tram lines are scheduled to be launched by the end of this year.

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