Railway workers strike in Eskisehir (Video)

Railway workers in Eskişehir strike
Railways regarding the privatization of Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) employees reacted to the draft law presented in Eskişehir was announced by press release on their 24-hour strike.

Turkish Transport Sen (TUS) and the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) member of approximately 500 people in front of the Eskisehir Gar building made a press release. The crowd often shouted the slogan 'Railways cannot be sold to the public'. TUS Branch Chairman Kemal Ürgen and BTS Branch Chairman Ersin Cem Para addressed to the crowd.

Kemal Ürgen, 16 2013 April 24 across the country on the railroad began an hourly XNUMX strike, he said. Urgen read in a joint press statement prepared and said:

"Turkey is our union after submission of the Turkey Grand National Assembly regarding the liberalization of rail transport Turkish Transportation You organized the railways as the United Transport Workers' Union also in no associations, foundations and a series of actions and press for the withdrawal of the bill as Railway Employees platform consisting of trade unions our people and our trainers were informed.

This week, the draft law was passed by the Parliamentary Public Works, Development, Transport and Tourism Commission and was discussed in the General Assembly of the Assembly. The first objective of this draft law is to commercialize railway service from public service. The second objective is the liquidation of public space and privatization. And finally, without the neo-liberal understanding, it will open the way for subcontracting, that is, cheap and insecure workforce use. We 24 hours on strike on the railways all over Turkey. We want the draft law to be withdrawn.

Source : www.serhattv.com.t is


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