Eskişehir Konya high-speed train runs to record in passenger transport (Video)

Eskişehir Konya high-speed train runs to record in passenger transportation
It was a week of opening the line, but it was almost impossible to find tickets. 11 thousand passengers moved in a week.
Eskişehir Konya high-speed train is running a record.

State Railways, Eskişehir is preparing for new flights between Konya. Eskişehirliler pleased to go to Konya fast and comfortable.

Konyalılar also satisfied. From Eskişehir to Konya, you can go to 2 by high speed train. As the promotion period, Eskişehir Konya ticket price is 5 lira.

General Director of State Railways Süleyman Karaman pointed out the importance of the line.

Güneydoğu This line is really Konya, Istanbul, Konya, Eskisehir, Bilecik, Adapazari, Kocaeli and Istanbul line began as a work. This line of the line connecting the line. Very important line. It is a line that will have very busy train traffic in the future. Gelecek

Suleyman Karaman gave important information about Ankara high speed train line.

Di In one section, test drives started. In one section, around 95 in the infrastructure was completed around 501. We planned to complete the entire line around July. "

Konya Governor Aydin Nezih Dogan also opened the Eskişehir Konya high-speed train line with a cultural bridge between Eskisehir and Konya said.

Following the connection of the capital of the Republic with the capital of Seljuk, we have established a new bridge of friendship with Eskişehir. I am the city of Yunus Emre. We have embraced Mevléa with Yunus Emre.

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