High-speed train and highway requirement for economic growth

Highway and high speed train for economic growth
Antalya's business world thinks that it is not possible to grow more economically if there is no road and railway to connect with Istanbul, as well as Anatolia.

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) 131. is celebrating its anniversary. Turkey's oldest and largest in terms of number of members ATSO's anniversary celebration was held at room building. Former presidents and members who served in the room, were invited. The oldest members, who are still active, were given a plaque to the members of the 7 period and above.

The celebration program at ATSO started with the show of the Life Academy Association Choir composed of mentally handicapped children. Children using various musical instruments, singing and singing voices received great acclaim from the businessmen. After the show, the chairman of the Board of Directors of ATSO Çetin Osman Budak, an academic study of the date of the establishment of the rooms 1886'dan 1882'ye withdrawal, he said. ATSO of Turkey's oldest, most corporate and stated that one of the most modern room Budak, "A Turkey are on number of rooms as having the most members." he said.

, Antalya should have faith, sports, entertainment and tourism together, inanç said Budak, who supported the national struggle in the years of the Independence War and added that he contributed to the development of Antalya and the country today. It should be able to maintain the characteristic of being a city with universal standards. Ev Budak, who expressed that there is a need for more work and investment, said that Antalya should double its national income, which is 20 billion dollars, in the framework of 2023 vision. For this reason, Antalya, especially the fast train to Anatolia and Istanbul to provide access to railway and railway, indicating that Budak, 2023 vision of the rapid train Expo 2016 Antalya, said it was necessary to grow.

For the high-speed train, he said, "1 million signatures, which include Isparta and Burdur, are to be presented to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan." He said. The Anatolian people will also come to Antalya. Antalya should not be forgotten. 2023 planning for Antalya is a very late planning. We say that this project 7 year forward and 2016'da fast train Antalya'ya Anatolia bring together. "He said.

In the framework of 2023 vision of Antalya, Budak stated that vision targets were determined by conducting search and decision conferences with the participation of all institutions under the leadership of ATSO; there were also high-speed train, rail system, highway links, airport transfer center, establishment of specialized customs in the free zone, freight transport in port and development of cruise tourism.


In his speech, ATSO Speaker Ali Rıza Akıncı emphasized the issue of transportation. Antalya, the last 30 20 growth of the floor, the dynamics behind this development should be analyzed well indicating Akıncı, said: ğ Antalya's most lagging behind the lack of transportation facilities. The reason why Antalya has not been able to reach higher rankings in the 25 rankings. We have to say loudly about the high-speed train and the highway. We need to connect Antalya with high-speed trains and highways to Anatolia, the capital and the capital of Istanbul, the capital of the capital. It is clear that if we fail to achieve this in the middle term of at least 5-10, we will have difficulty getting the result we expect. We have reached a good point with our own potential, after that we have to solve this transportation problem.


Osman Berberoğlu, a former president of ATSO, who was one of the invited guests, focused on transportation as his previous speakers. U You can't sell it if you don't have it,'n Berberoğlu said. Stating that the same problem is also experienced in the city, Berberoğlu said that the missing infrastructure should be eliminated and transportation infrastructure should be prepared to transport the city to Anatolia.

Source: www.haberaktuel.com


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