E-5 i Locking Accident

5 people, 3 of them were seriously injured in a traffic accident that occurred on Avcılar E-6 highway.
The accident occurred in the direction of E23.30 Avcılar Topkapı at around 5. According to the testimonies of eyewitnesses, the car with 34 AN 3655 license plate hit the cleaning truck of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with 34 08 11034 license plates, which, for an unknown reason, got out of control and proceeded by cleaning the road first. The car, which contains 6 people, then hit the passenger lowering door in the middle part of the 34 TP 2275 plate IETT bus, which is in the same direction.
3 people in the car after the accident was stuck. The wounded, the fire crews called to the scene after the work lasted about 10 minutes were rescued. Other 3 people in the car were also slightly injured. There were long vehicle queues on the road after the accident. The car returned to the scrapping of the many beer cans drew attention. Traffic is normalized after the accident was removed from the road. The investigation of the police started accidentally.

Source: haberturk



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