Bus Driver Prevented Disaster in Düzce

Noticing the fire in the passenger bus in Düzce early, the driver evacuated 40 passengers and prevented a possible disaster.
The driver, who early noticed the fire in the passenger bus in Düzce and evacuated the passengers, prevented a possible disaster.
The incident occurred in the morning of TEM Highway Düzce-Gümüşova. Guided by Yeşilyurt 06 RB 736 plate pass the Giresun-Istanbul passenger bus, while on the way to the Silverstone suddenly caught fire on the ramps. The driver who noticed the fire coming out of the motor part of the bus that has a total 40 passenger, Yeşilyurt stopped the bus by pulling it to the side of the road. Yesilyurt opened the doors quickly evacuated passengers, a possible catastrophe prevented. After the fire was reported to the scene, the fire brigade, police and medical team were shipped. Istanbul's direction of the motorway was closed to traffic for a while. Fire, firefighters could be extinguished as a result of long efforts. Completely burning bus has become unusable.
An investigation into the incident has been launched.


Source: sondakika



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