Diyarbakir OSB rail network will meet at year's end

Diyarbakir OSB rail network will meet at year's end
The excitement of the railway took over the Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Zone, where 4 companies employing approximately 150 thousand people operate and the number of active enterprises is expected to increase to 180 by the end of the year. Together with the Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa railway network, which was awarded a tender, Diyarbakır OIZ will also have its long-awaited railway network at the end of the year. Expressing that the railway connection will strengthen their hands in international competition, the companies in the region want a bank branch to be established in the OIZ.
Diyarbakır OSB Manager Mehmet Özel, in addition to the existing OSB area, has an area of ​​more than 188
Stating that they are at the last stage of allocating to OIZ, “We expect approximately 100 more enterprises to start production with the allocation of the additional OIZ. In the additional OIZ, around 2 people will be employed. We are also working on bringing the railway to our OIZ as soon as possible. We held talks with TCDD 500th Regional Directorate in Malatya recently. They also said that they are planning to open at the end of this year, with the expropriation work completed. I am sure that our industrialists will get stronger with the future railway, ”he said.
Diyadin Gezer, Deputy Chairman of Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasized that there are expropriation problems in the establishment of the railway network and said, “However, we do not want such an important issue to be stuck in the legislation for us no matter what. The tender for the Antep-Urfa railway network was made, and it should extend to Diyarbakır. The transportation of Diyarbakır OIZ to the ports must be by rail. Otherwise, we have no chance to compete. Diyarbakır is experiencing busy days with the solution process. There are over 100 companies waiting for investments. Most of these are international companies. In addition, we had meetings with state banks with regional directorates here. We expressed my demands for opening a branch in OIZ ”.
Diyarbakır Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (DİSİAD) President Burç Baysal stated that marble companies operating in the OIZ do not have a great chance to compete due to freight costs and said, “Today, while many OIZs whose names are not known, we do not have railroads. . Railway works will probably begin at the end of the year. The presence of a railway within the OIZ will also attract domestic and foreign investors who are in search of investment to our province due to low freight costs. A bank branch must also be established in the OIZ ”.

Bank branch and health center

Zeki Tutal, President of the Diyarbakır Marble Manufacturers and Miners Association (DMD), stated that the transportation of marble, which is heavy in small density in volume, is an important issue and said, “Establishing a railway line would be better for the state. Because the life of highways is extended. In addition to the railway, the establishment of a loading and unloading station will also allow customs procedures to be carried out here. The timely arrival of our product to Mersin Port will increase our competitive chance and accelerate the development of the marble sector. A bank branch and a health center in OIZ are among our urgent needs. We go to and from the city for the slightest bank transaction. We are looking for a hospital in the slightest disturbance. With a health center where the first intervention will be made, they will not be needed ”.

Rotate the mill with transport water

Karavil Group Vice Chairman Abdulhalim Karavil: Our raw material is stone.
It is a cost to bring the stone here from Kurtalan, and it is also a separate cost to process the stone here and send it abroad, more precisely to Mersin Port, which is our closest port. We rotate mill with transport water. There is a lot of demand for our products abroad. However, we do not have a chance to compete due to freight costs. With the arrival of the railway and the opening of a bank branch, the view of the outside investor will be very different. While the state is mobilizing so many possibilities, our image is damaged by such small details and we lose time. The natural gas problem has been overcome, this will strengthen the hands of many industrialists. However, deficiencies such as railway and bank branches are still not resolved.

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