ATTENTION: From 1:05.00 on May XNUMX, metro and metrobus services are canceled!

All metrobus services are canceled as of 1 on May 05.00!

Following the unions 'announcement that they will celebrate May 1, Workers' and Retirement Day in Taksim, the roads to be closed and the flights canceled from the Istanbul Police Department were announced in a written statement.

These streets are closed to traffic

In the statement, the streets closed to traffic are listed as follows. Mecidiyeköy After the partners, Halaskargazi Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Street, Yedikuyular Street, Tarlabaşı Boulevard, Sıraselviler Street, Gümüşsuyu Street, Taşkışla Street, Taşkışla Tünel, Rumeli Avenue, Abdulhak Hamit Street.


In the statement, it was stated that as of 05.00 tomorrow, all Metrobus flights are canceled.
Also, from 06.00:XNUMX on Wednesday Kabataş- It was stated that the flights between Taksim Finucular System, Şişhane-Taksim and Taksim Hacıosman were canceled between Şişhane-Taksim and Levent-Taksim stations.
In the statement, it was also stated that the passenger flights from the Anatolian Side to the European Side were also canceled by the General Directorate of IDO A.Ş. It was noted that passenger flights from the European Side to the Anatolian Side will be made.


The alternative ways of explaining are as follows:
- The current coming from Yolcuzade İskender Street will be directed from Şişhane Square to Okçumusa Street / Bankalar Caddesi.
- Abide-i Hürriyet Street will not be energized, the current coming in this direction will be directed from Hürriyettepe Lights to Cevahir Hotel.
- The current coming from Darülaciz to the direction of Hürriyettepe Işıklar and the current coming from Bomonti Creek will be directed to Darülacize Street or Bomonti direction from Cevahir Hotel again.
- There will be no current from Mecidiyeköy to Halaskargazi Street, the current coming to this direction will be directed to Esentepe direction.
- The current going to Şişli will be directed to Ergenekon Avenue, Kurtuluş Avenue and Dolapder.
- No current will be given from Dolmabahçe to Gümüşsuyu and Küçük Çiftlik, the current from this direction will be given to Karaköy from the coast direction.
- The stream coming from Adilbaba (Maçka taxi) will be directed to Teşvikiye Street, and the tunnel that goes from Teşvikiye Street to Mete Street will be kept closed.
- The current coming from Thursday Market and Unkapanı will be cut from Şişhane and directed towards Kasımpaşa, and no current will be given to Tarlabaşı Boulevard.
- The current coming from Kasımpaşa will be directed to Unkapanı and Thursday market, no current will be given from Dolapdere to Yedikuyular-Divan direction, and a (U) turn will be made from Dolapdere junction.
- There will be no current from Dolapdere Street to Ömer Hayyam Street, the current coming from Teşvikiye Street will not be given to Rumeli Street from Nişantaşı Junction and Valikonağı will be directed to the bottom.
- The current coming from Süleyman Seba Street will not be given to Bayıldım Street, but will be directed to Teşvikiye Street to the right.
- Boğazkesen Caddesi will be closed to traffic, the incoming flow will be made in the direction of Karaköy.
- Mebusan Slope will be closed to traffic, and a compulsory direction will be made towards Karaköy.
- In addition, Atatürk Boulevard Ragıp Gümüşpala separation-Ragıp Gümüşpala Street Unkupanı separation-Kadıköy Jetty Front Galata separation - Ragıp Gümüşpala Avenue Galata Bridge separation will be closed if needed.
- E-5 Mecidiyeköy entrance attendance from North and South will be closed in case of need.



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