Diversion Tunnel Completed in Aktaş Dam

Work continues in Aktaş Dam, which is expected to give life to Kayaköy town and surrounding villages in Ödemiş district. The two ends of the diversion tunnel, which had to be completed in order to start the dam body construction, met yesterday. Light appeared in the 546 meter long tunnel. After the construction of the last works in the tunnel, it will be time for the hull construction.
Kayaköy Mayor Ali Akkaşlı and the mukhtars of the villages in the region are closely following the work carried out by the contractor firm Meksan İnşaat. The body height of the Aktaş Dam, which is planned to be completed in April 2015, will be 105 meters. The central clay core sand-gravel fill type body will have a length of 476 meters. Approximately 45 thousand decares of land will be irrigated with the Aktaş Dam, which will have a water capacity of 40 million cubic meters.
The two ends of the derivation tunnel, which is one of the most important parts of the construction of the dam that will cost around 50 million pounds, took place yesterday. The contractor teams and the Mayor of Kayaköy Ali Akkaşlı celebrated the opening of the tunnel in the construction site. 340 from the south, 206 meters from the north of the 3.5 meter-high tunnel, was opened in total 5 month. While rainy seasons and floods slowed down the work, contractor crews made an average of 5-6 meters a day.
Kayaköy Mayor Ali Akkaşlı stated that after the derivation tunnel, it will be the turn of the hull construction and gave the following information: “The work of our Aktaş Dam continues uninterruptedly despite the extremely rainy season. With approximately 150 employees, the contractor company is preparing to start body construction. During the delayed start of the dam work, there was a loss of work for about 2 months due to rainfall. On the other hand, the contractor company is working hard to compensate for this loss. Diversion tunnel is the most important element for the dam. With the completion of this tunnel, hull construction will start. Aktaş Stream will continue its flow through this tunnel. With a body height of 105 meters, the highest dam in our region will be established on Aktaş Stream. The work is planned to be completed by the fourth month of 2015. On the one hand, the irrigation project of Aktaş Dam is also being prepared. Before the dam is finished, the irrigation channels will be put into service at the same time. We, as Kayaköy residents, follow the work here with excitement and look forward to the developments. "

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