Railway freed, subcontracting scares

Railway freed, subcontracting scares
Are strategic railways also special? How are the railways in the hands of strangers?

Will the employees have to be subject to the brutal work rules of the railway bosses?
Liberalization of Railway Transport of Turkey's Bill in Parliament, trade unions and civil society organizations in a subject of considerable debate. All of the above questions and more are in the head. What's striking is the fact that unions are divided into two processes. A group of trade unions and non-governmental organizations expect TCDD to be privatized, the network of railroads will be taken over by foreigners, while the civil servants are still retired and the workers are deprived of public security. Not only is it thinking, it is trying to publicize these concerns with the parliamentary protests and 16 in April.

Harmonization with EU, competition growth

In contrast, the TCDD does not share these concerns. While the trade unions opposing the law are of the opinion that the ultimate goal of the regulation is privatization, even though its name is liberalization, Transportation-Sen, which is affiliated to the authorized officer-Sen in TCDD, argues that the privatization has been brought to the agenda especially to prevent the positive initiative.

Edit adapt with Turkey and the EU aims to use more effectively with the private sector as well as support the rail network. TCDD monopoly law in the entire railway network in Turkey will be opened to use the private sector. Currently, only domestic and foreign companies that can own wagons, together with the law, are locomotives and will be able to carry the cargo and the passengers in the future.

Railway bridge

Moreover, Turkey, Europe and Asia for the first time will be the bridge that connects via railways. Existing laws, what he left for the private sector to the rail network can carry out railway TCDD monopoly on such networks, nor European or Asian countries can mutually continents expedition through Turkey. With the liberalization of the lines and signaling, the state will still be monopoly, the private sector will pay the right to use and provide services by competition.

In fact, the main concern of the civil servants' unions is privatization and outsourcing. The opposition unions are also fundamentally against privatization at the TCDD. Can Cankesen, head of the organized union Transport Officer-Sen, said that as a result of their contacts with the government they succeeded in making changes to a number of items in favor of employees, privatization was not on the agenda, and privatization was against themselves. Cankesen told us in the long conversation that we had not been authorized; transition guardians, toll officers, cleaning and catering services to the hands of the subcontractor into the hands of transport to the sound of the unions until today to stand up to give up the meaning of the unions, he said.

The main fear is As

The bill, which envisions liberalization of railways, shows that the trade unions that actually appear in front of each other meet in the opposition to subcontracting. The fear of employees seems to be more subcontracting than privatization.

Source: www.bugun.com.tr


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