Products that are resistant to flammability and vibration in the railway sector

Products that are resistant to flammability and vibration in the railway sector
HARTING, which attracts attention with its new current sensors and high speed data cables, brings the security phenomenon to the top. The company that meets the standards such as resistance against flammability and vibration of the railway sector, develops projects not only with public institutions but also with the private sector.

HARTING, which provides fasteners to the railway industry, offers solutions to the whole world since 1945. experience gained in the sector informative activities carried out during the last technology continues to share with manufacturers and operators in Turkey. lighter for the increasing rate trends in the rail sector, stating that they offer smaller HARTING products and solutions with Turkey General Manager Ahmet Can we talk Aya on new technologies and industry requirements.

HARTING is known as one of the most influential figures in the world market. What do you owe this success?

HARTING, headquartered in Espelkamp, ​​Germany, operates worldwide with 36 sales office, 11 manufacturing location and eight R & D centers. The most important issue for us is quality and standards. The railway sector is based on these two principles. Passenger safety and the continuity of transport cannot be risked in any way. The reason for our success in the railway sector is that we keep quality and safety in the forefront in our solutions. Since 1945, the railway sector has been the most important market for HARTING. HARTING, the first connector manufacturer with an IRIS certificate, has a share of more than 70 in the world railway market. This share is a very important task for HARTING. We are a company that produces solutions to the sector. New trends in the sector are gaining momentum. Much faster, comfortable and safe trains are needed. In this context, we offer fasteners for these vehicles which are developing day by day.

How do you convey your experience in the sector in Turkey?

We have our experiences and our knowledge of product manufacturers and maintenance costs by sharing with operators in Turkey are providing a very important contribution to reduce operating costs. We invite our colleagues abroad and share our experiences with the technical persons in the businesses. We strive for a healthy growth of the sector. Life safety is the most important factor in transportation. The standard work set for this sector in the global sense is that many business owners still see unnecessary and time-consuming activities. We are working for the next decade of the railway sector and beyond. HARTING describes the necessity of these standards. We also ensure that operators and manufacturers operating in the sector are oriented towards these standards. The primary contact points for us are the R & D departments. We develop many projects not only with the private sector, but also with public institutions. We believe that our efforts will be beneficial to both us and our country.

What are the benefits of your product named Ha-VIS® EtherRail?

High-speed data cables for indoor and outdoor applications are included in this group. The jumper uses 4 and 8 wire for cable and camera / passenger information applications. These cables are suitable for -10 gigabit Ethernet and have a wide temperature range from -40 to 90. Any possible danger, for example, is fire protection.

Could you tell us about your new products and solutions?

We have a wide range of products. Our solutions for the increasing speed trend in the railway sector are based on reducing weight and reducing size. It can have two contacts of the same size as 40 amps, or we can use the 21 signal contact together, or we can connect the 650 amps with three contacts as IP68. This is the solution we mean by space savings. Another new trend in trains is the transfer of more data. For this, our solutions support the communication speed up to 10 gigabit. One of the main reasons for this; increased passenger entertainment and information systems in trains. We offer high speed connector solutions as HARTING. Security is an indispensable element for HARTING. In this context, we follow all international standards in the sector. One of the important standards is non-flammability. Non-flammability is not only important for components, but also for cables. We produce products in accordance with these standards. Another new product group is the current sensors. Firstly, the current sensors that we have started to produce for wind turbines are a successful product that meets the standards such as flammability and vibration resistance required by the railway sector. Another new product family: 'HARTING RFID Solutions'. Thanks to RFID, we provide important advantages and solutions in the production and maintenance processes of the railway sector with our tags that can work in difficult conditions and do not require maintenance. HARTING is not only a component supplier but also a solution provider for the railway sector.

So, what needs does Han® HC Individual respond to?

Developed as an alternative to in-car high current connection requirements, our new product of the Han HC Individual series can shape the number and placement of the connection according to their needs. Our new weight-saving and space-saving product is capable of carrying current up to 350 amps. With its single seal contact structure, the Han HC Individual series offers multiple mounting options without the need for special tools.

What is the importance of the Turkish railway sector for HARTING?

We have been working for three years in Turkey. Here the sector is developing rapidly, and we have important works in this regard. HARTING also active global manufacturer of products used in Turkey, you can see that intensely. Our products and solutions are becoming widespread in domestic manufacturers. In this country, production is in development stage and we want to contribute to this production process together with the sector at this stage. I can say that we have received very successful results so far.


In close cooperation with key customers, HARTING has developed an optimized solution for railway applications that meet the requirements of modern power electronics. HARTING's new product current sensors offer high resistance to electromagnetic noise due to the nature of power electronics applications in addition to precise measuring capability. The new current sensor product family is Hall Effect based, measuring current using a fully isolated magnetic field. With a large measuring range up to 3600, these sensors provide high galvanic isolation up to 20 kV.


With its two-part connector structure, the Han® 24 HPR EasyCon is a remarkably time-saving option, especially for motor and drive assembly; it also allows for later checks to improve reliability and quality. The contact capacity is 250A / 2000V, 350A / 4000V, 650A / 4000V, while the product is highly resistant to vibrations and shocks.

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