Railway employees marched to Parliament

Railway employees marched to Parliament
United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) and the Turkish Transport Union (TUS), Turkey against Liberalization of Railway Transport Bill TCDD met before. All the hundreds of union members from Ankara, Turkey, marched towards the Parliament Dikmen Gate here. On the march, BTS Chairman Yavuz Demirkol, TUS President Nazmi Güzel, BTS Secretary General Nazım Karakurt, KESK Secretary General İsmail Hakkı Tombul, BES Chairman Ahmet Kesik and Education Chairman Ünsal Yıldız were present. Kadar No privatization of the TCDD kadar banner was opened, e No privatization, no railway “,” We are a railroad until death “. In addition, the ma Survivor of the AKP “, the gelecek Survivors of the AKP law gelecek, were taken frequently and the police took intense measures.

'Customizing the bill is'

During the march, there was tension between the police and union members on the road. There were those who supported the walking union members from the surrounding buildings with applause. Railway workers to the front of the Prime Minister, "Play Play AKP law, working as a protest, 5 minute sitting action carried out. Then the railway workers continued to walk, whistle, singing songs, reached the Parliament's Dikmen Gate. Parliament workers from the Dikmen Gate BDP Muş Deputy Iron and Steel, CHP Istanbul deputy Suleyman Celebi, CHP Izmir Deputy Musa Can, CHP Manisa Deputy Sakine Oz also participated in the statement, supporting. Speaking here, BTS Chairman Yavuz Demirkol, reminding that the bill is not liberalization, he emphasized that privatization itself.

'16 will leave 1 day work in April' if the bill does not withdraw

. There are no people in this draft. The concept of running like a slave is an existing law. There are 585 subcontract workers and 4 thousand railway employees on the railway. This will increase the number of contract workers. This will lead to an increase in traffic accidents. This bill is not salvation for the railroad. This law will cause the railway to be liquidated and privatized. Bu Demirkol, also in case of withdrawal of the bill on April 16 1 in Turkey has announced that they will perform the action day work stoppage.

TUS President Nazmi Güzel stated that the railway has an annual history of 156. They set it to make a profit. A state serving for profit has lost its course, Kar he said. After the announcement, the railway workers put an end to the action.

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