What is meant by the liberalization of railways

What is meant by the liberalization of railways
Parliamentary General Assembly, Turkey began talks on the second part of the Draft Law on Liberalization of Railway Transport.

MHP Sakarya deputy Munir Kutluata, despite a radical change in the railways, the public was not informed about this, he argued. The rationale of the bill, Kutluata stated that the liberalization of the railway sector is mentioned, demir What is meant by liberalization? If the purpose is privatization, why isn't it clearly stated? Mak

CHP Nigde Deputy Nascent Dawn, economically and politically at the national and international dimensions of railways in Turkey is of strategic importance, therefore, he stated that they are against the privatization or liberalization to.

BDP Sanliurfa deputy Ibrahim Binici, the power, retired workers on the railways as soon as possible to subcontract in the sector, argued that wants to place cheap labor.

Yıldırım stated that the claim that lı DDY sells its assets intensively eri does not reflect the reality, Y DDY has over 100 billion liras with its whole infrastructure, real estate and inventory tools. He doesn't sell any land unless he has to. He is only doing joint projects with municipalities and producing projects to gain some places in the city. There is no sale of this law. It is only aimed to open the infrastructure of railways to the private sector ap.

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