We will stand against the privatization of railways

We will stand against the privatization of railways
CHP's Ağbaba, BTS Malatya branch visit to support the railway employees.
Republican People's Party (CHP) Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) visited the Malatya Branch and supported the employees who left the 1 daily job against the Railway Law on the Agenda.

Ağbaba ar The companies that bought TEKEL for 250 Million dollars sold the same TEKEL to the latest 3 Billion dollar, ie the 10 floor of the price they received. In another country, those who make this privatization cannot go out. But theft, corruption, they want the order to continue. Now it is desired to privatize railways. As CHP, we will stand against this privatization. CH


CHP Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba, visited the BTS Malatya Branch. BTS Malatya Branch President expressed his satisfaction with the visit of residence of November "140 institutions have been privatized so far in Turkey. Under the name of liberalization of the railways to be opened the door of privatization. The privatization of the railways will definitely be a demolition. After the privatization, the most vulnerable workers are seen. Employees are doomed to a minimum wage. The railways stations are located in the most precious places of the city. Haydarpaşa, Kayseri, Malatya, Ankara are built on very valuable lands. With the privatization, the plans of transferring these lands to the private sector are made. The main purpose of the fast train projects is to transfer to private sector. There are big differences between what is seen in the mirror and what is actually happening. We will continue to stand in the face of privatization.


CHP deputy Veli Ağbaba, the law aiming to privatize the railroads came to the agenda of the parliament said: lar The CHP is totally opposed to such privatizations. the privatizations in Turkey and workers, as we see it is harmful to the public and society. The aim of privatization in contemporary countries is to increase productivity in production, to reduce prices and to increase employment. But unfortunately in our country it is not possible to see them. Privatization is being done for the purpose of the future. The aim of the privatizations in our country is to create Russian type oligologies. I've been walking around Malatya for a week. We see the results of TEDAŞ privatization. Everywhere we go, the company gets angry with TEDAŞ. However, those who privatize this privatization need to get angry. We have seen very clearly in the privatizations in Malatya. In the privatization of TEKEL, workers created an air like they were getting money without doing business. The companies that bought TAFEL 250 Million dollars sold the same TEKEL to the last 3 Billion dollar, the 10 floor. In another country, those who make this privatization cannot go out. But the order of theft, corruption, order to continue. None of the meat fish establishments, TEKEL, SÜMER, TEDAŞ sales have been in the public interest. New supporters have been created. Railways also need to be added to the privatizations in our country. As CHP, we want to know that we will stand against this privatization. CH

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