Day of Strike on Railways

Day of Strike on Railways
Railway workers, liberalization in the name of the bill in Parliament to enact pending the withdrawal of the order began to strike from across Turkey tonight Railways of Turkey. The TCDD declared the strike illegal.

organized in the United Transport Workers Union of Railways and Transport Union of Turkey, against a draft law allowing the privatization of TCDD across Turkey began a one-day strike.


24 hour strike in Eskişehir began with a press release at midnight 00.00

Turkish Transport Sen (TUS) and the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) member of approximately 500 people in front of the Eskisehir Gar building made a press release.

The crowd often shouted the slogan 'Railways cannot be sold to the people'.

TUS Branch Chairman Kemal Ürgen and BTS Branch Chairman Ersin Cem Para addressed to the crowd. Kemal Ürgen, 16 2013 April 24 across the country on the railroad began an hourly 24 strike, he said. By reading the Ürgen prepared a joint press statement said: "Turkey is our union after submission of the Turkey Grand National Assembly regarding the liberalization of rail transport Turkish Transportation You organized the railways as the United Transport Workers' Union also in no associations, foundations and the Railway Workers of the platform formed by the union Our people and railways were informed with a series of actions and press releases for the withdrawal of the bill. This week, the draft law was passed by the Parliamentary Public Works, Development, Transport and Tourism Commission and was discussed in the General Assembly of the Assembly. The first objective of this draft law is to commercialize railway service from public service. The second objective is the liquidation of public space and privatization. And finally, without the neo-liberal understanding, it will open the way for subcontracting, that is, cheap and insecure workforce use. We XNUMX hours on strike on the railways all over Turkey. We want the draft law to be withdrawn.


After Eskişehir, the strike started in Adana on the busiest lines of the railway. Trains will not work in Adana for a day.

The railway workers belonging to the trade unions, which started the demonstration at 00.00, made a short walk inside the Adana Garage and chanted slogans 'The railway cannot be sold to the public' and 'The railway law should be withdrawn'.

Aş Despite all the pressures, the railway workers now have the job and the future and their own institutions, send said Tonguç Özkan, who is the President of the Unions Transport Association (BTS). We know that this bill will remove the railroad from the railroads, this is a privatization, so the railway workers have their own future. From here, we warn the AKP government once again that we have the institution, this draft law should be withdrawn immediately after the assembly. In fact, new investments to respond to the needs of the railway should be made. We will continue to fight until this law is withdrawn. There are no trains in Adana at this time. Da

If you Transportation Turkey Adana Branch Chairman Cengiz Köse "Afyankarahis AKP deputy Halil product was expressed at the meeting in Afyon and railroad özelleştirmeyel revealed what I'm saying let's main objectives. We are once again expressing my strong condemnation as railroad workers here. Buradan


The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), with the circular issued by the Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman, issued a statement of the strike of the trade unions uman of the Civil Servants Act 26. Article yasa was declared illegal.


In the statement made by the BTS, it was stated that this was emek intimidating the railway workers başta. An During the union struggle we have been giving for years, the administrators of the institution, especially the government, insist that public workers do not have the right to strike. However, public workers have the right to strike. Not only in terms of international law, the right to strike of civil servants in terms of Turkey's domestic law is guaranteed by both constitutional court decision, "the statement said.

I TCDD management should read ILO conventions, supervisory body decisions and ECHR decisions before public officials say they have the right to strike organ in the statement, ı The action of public workers is unlawful, ı he said.


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