Cumaovasi-Torbali line is at Tepekoy stop (Photo Gallery)

Cumaovası-Torbali line Tepeköy stop in the dent
According to the information obtained, while the construction of Tepeköy stop on the Cumaovası-Torbalı line of the Aliağa-Cumaovası Rail System Project was underway, a dent occurred at around 20.30. The 2 workers who were under the dent were removed with the help of the people around. AKS teams and many police officers were dispatched to the region as a precaution. Injured workers were taken to the hospital after the first response by medical teams at the scene.

It was claimed that the construction machine in the upper passage might have been caused. . The incident occurred due to the failure to take the necessary measures. It could have been so much workers under the concrete and iron. O
An investigation of the incident was initiated.

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