Transport Officer-Sen Chairman made a statement

Transport Officer-Sen Chairman made a statement
Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, railways to be opened to the private sector after the enactment of the draft law, TCDD staff will not be a problem of job security, he said.

Cankesen, the agenda of the TGNA in the private sector to open the railroad to the private sector made evaluations on the bill.

Cankesen said, 'As Memur-Sen, one of our red lines is job security, we defend this to the end', and said that with the transition to the 'subsidiary model', the personnel will be transferred to TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Cankesen continued as follows:

“As a result of our intense efforts, it was decided to establish a subsidiary instead of the SEE and it was included in the draft law as such. Our personnel in freight, passenger and CER units will be transferred to the newly established subsidiary TCDD Tasimacilik AS without the need for any procedures. None of our friends will have job security problems. The current rights of the staff will continue. With the transition to the subsidiary model, job security was provided for all our personnel. '

-'TCDD will be able to expropriate'-

Stating that they also conveyed their reservations about the regulation to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Cankesen said:

There are lands belonging to 'TCDD'. We said, 'The integrity of these lands should be preserved, not given to the private sector'. This has also been resolved. Turkey, which has moved across the TCDD use 315 million 918 thousand square meters. 281 million square meters of this is owned by TCDD and 34 million square meters by the Treasury. With the regulation, the immovables belonging to the Treasury are transferred to TCDD. In addition, TCDD is given the right to expropriate. Currently, a factory used trucks to transport its cargo to the train main line. With the new arrangement, TCDD will be able to make the connection road between the factory and the main line through expropriation. Then he said to the company, 'I built this place with everything. Pay me the money, get it for 49 years'.

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