First Destination 2014

Our district governor Av.Celal BABAYİĞİT, our county board member YAVUZ DEĞİRMENCİ, who is responsible for our district, took place with the participation of our former district presidents, provincial and municipal council members, and a large number of members of our organization.
Av.Celal BABAYİĞİT, our district president who made the opening speech of the Advisory Assembly meeting; When the need for the school in the region to serve the task of disrupting every service in the region, only the organization dynamics and the additional five classrooms in one month completed the district. County municipalities, but the school has been informed that the school had finished. The donor was convinced to be completed and we convinced and found a donor to make a health vocational high school, and we laid the foundation for our neighborhood in Batıköy, which was near the border.
E-5 çatalca highway road was not progressing in a way that the subject of the subject related to the subject with the followers of our deputies return to the road to the completion of the road to the completion of the road to the completion of the construction of a new overpass. In the case of hospital problem, it is necessary to bring the courthouse to the district after the 10 year. celaliye with a high school building in our district in the year has completed the renovation of the building and garden wall of Ismail Sile school for the disabled.
In addition, we are about to finish the new school building next to Çakmaklı Iöo and Gılman Durukan Iöo, which is being started in the industrial vocational high school and construction of our primary school and Muratçeşme neighborhood. If we look at what the local municipality is doing while doing these activities in the Ekinoba the closed market place in the opposite of the school land with the construction of the second closed market is seeking to provide interest to his supporters. According to them, the presidential school is already in the Batıköy neighborhood, but the follow-up of the permission received as a result of the cancellation of the market place despite the construction continues, Büyükçekmece local power to go after our district organization is a management that is incapacitated so that our people asphalt demand from us, even the streets She wants us to clear the problems of her cleaning.
We strive for every citizen we reach in Büyükçekmece to prepare Büyükçekmece for the AK Party government, and we make visits to our thousands of members one by one. Büyükçekmece needs the local government of the Ak Parti, in short, this city needs the will of those who are in this hall, dear friends, I greet you all with respect, hoping that they will contribute to this goal in the hope of achieving this.
YAVUZ MILLER, our provincial board member responsible for our Büyükçekmece, made a speech in our advisory council and informed the members of our organization about the government's work.

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