Bursa called to cooperate with the cities of Bursa

Bursa called to cooperate with the cities of Bursa
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the Silkworm trams they produce will be used in Bursa as of June and said, “Metro and high-speed trains are now also produced in Bursa. We should strengthen domestic production by cooperating with Anatolian cities ”

This month's guest of the traditional agenda meetings of the Selçuklu Publishing Group was Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe. In the program broadcast live on Konya Television, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe answered the questions of Selçuklu Broadcasting Group Chairman Mustafa Arslan, Hello Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Kerem İşkan, Hello Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Rasim Atalay and Konya Television News Coordinator Sami Atıci. .

Mustafa Arslan: Bursa is a city that has grown rapidly in recent years and is frequently mentioned. What kinds of factors were effective in the rapid development of Bursa, which was also the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period?

Recep Altepe:
The population of Bursa throughout history was 50 thousand. Its current population is 2 million. The biggest population growth was further increased with the establishment of factories. The population of 200 thousand has now reached 2 million. Bursa is the governing city. There are 25 industrial zones. In this respect, it receives great migration. Bursa has many blessings and beauties. We have Uludağ. The last point of the Silk Road on land. Industrial city. It also received a lot of immigration from the Balkans. Bursa received over 250 thousand immigrants from the Balkans. It received a lot of immigration in the 1989s. The rapid development of the automotive center enabled us to become a center in the automotive industry. The number of foreign companies also increased rapidly. Bursa is a versatile city. Bursa is a city of agriculture, trade and history. Bursa is a city of thermal spring and winter sports. Bursa industrial city. Bursa is a city with sectoral wealth. That's why Bursa has developed very rapidly.

Mustafa Arslan: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality talking about the success of all of Turkey's rail transportation. Where did Bursa come from regarding rail transportation?

Recep Altepe: We have invested in metro and tram lines for transportation in our city. You can reach the city from one end to the other by rail. We have set up a 40 kilometer and 9 tram line. We have a total rail transport system of 49 kilometers. Our Meter passes through the bazaar. All of our districts are connected to the metro. We are also making tram lines in the city center. The city is built with modern networks. We are building the city with rail system vehicles. People need to be transported on rails by mass. There is no quality of transport without rail transportation. That's why we continue to work on metro and tram lines. The quality of public transport will increase with modern tram cars. 7 will make tram line to separate area. Regions will be connected to each other in different ways. Tram lines will be furnished to all areas. The current tram cars are good quality, no noise.

Kerem İşkan: Konya and Bursa are two distinguished cities that are very similar to each other. The problems of the two cities are similar. When the first trams came to Konya, he was criticized for not being local. The first tram in Bursa was purchased from a foreign company. Since 2004, more comfortable, more tram lines have been promised in Konya. Tram was bought for 104 million Euros. How did you produce these trams? Why didn't we buy a tram from you? Are your trams worse? We would like to listen to the arrival of Bursa trams to this beautiful spot?

Recep Altepe: We promised our voters that we will produce these trams ourselves. 1 tram was worth 8 trillion. 4 trams equal 32 trillion. We said we should build these trams. We take the tram, subways and high-speed trains from outside. Why did we say not to do these? We had industrial infrastructure to do these. We could provide all kinds of logistic support. We did research. First, let's meet our own needs, then let's sell our own trams to the world. Most of the tourist buses in Europe are made in Turkey. Why shouldn't Turkish trams be sold to world countries? So we started this work. On the one hand, we started to draw projects, on the other hand, we started working on how to make this work happen. We conducted research in cities such as Adapazarı, Sivas, Ankara and Konya. A real due diligence has been made. It has over 60 engineers. It was a company that constantly innovated and produced. A company that makes sheet metal cutting machine. We encouraged and encouraged them. It was decided to start producing the tram. After that it set out. A completely domestic vehicle was built within 2 years. All parts had to be accredited to comply with European standards. Some parts are made abroad. Over time, all will be local. This vehicle was built and started to enter tenders. Silkworm trams are produced in European and world standards. Not all productions are made after closed doors. You have to do these studies according to world standards. All engineering know-how is in these trams. Trams pass the test. It is certified according to world standards. These vehicles are certified in this way. Used everywhere approval. Our biggest advantage is the costs. We are very advantageous in this regard. We have a young workforce. The average age is between 30-32. Our production and quality is very high. Most of our staff are technical school graduates. Our currently labor costs are very affordable compared to Europe. The production made here is in great demand from Europe. Vehicles produced in Bursa are of higher quality and less malfunction. We will start using these trams on Bursa streets in June. Italian and German engineers participated in the test drives. These productions are now integrated with the world. We became the 7th company to receive the European and world standards certificate.

Kerem İşkan: Konya Metropolitan Municipality bought trams from the Czech Republic for 104 million Euros. Why was Bursa's Silkworm tram not taken?

Recep Altepe: A private sector makes these tools. But it is done under our leadership. It begins to produce trams, subways and high-speed trains. It has been 2 months since they received the certificate. Municipal elections were to be held this year. But the elections were postponed to 2014. Konya Metropolitan Municipality said 'let me enter the election with new trams'. That's why Konya Metropolitan Municipality chose the Czech Republic's Şkoda firm. We brought Konya, Samsun, Istanbul and Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayors here. They liked it very much. They said let it end as soon as possible and use it in our cities. People will be seeing the trams from June. Why not use our trams in London and Paris. Currently, cars of France are made in Bursa. Numerous tenders will be held after the tests in June. Konya Metropolitan Municipality wanted to bring trams as soon as possible. Because the elections have approached. These trams are not built in a period. We strive to do everything quickly.

Rasim Atalay: Konya and Bursa are very similar to each other in terms of investments. One of them is the stadium project. The same firm won the tender for the stadium of Bursa and Konya. How is the stadium construction in Bursa?

Recep Altepe: Bursa's new stadium will be a 45-seat stadium. It is a very large and carefully prepared project. We prepared this project by scanning the world and Europe. It will be roofed like the Berlin Stadium. It was necessary to build a stadium in European standards. It will be a very beautiful stadium meeting the latest standards. It is a very nice project with its roof and grandstand. The stadium project started in 2010. We are planning to complete and open it within this year. We will build a nice square instead of the old stadium. I hope Konya's stadium will end as soon as possible.

Sami Atııcı: What is happening in Bursa about winter sports? It is desired to make Aladağ the center of winter sports in Konya. What is the benefit of winter sports to Bursa?

Uludag, Turkey's largest ski resort. What kind of projects do you have about Uludağ?

Recep Altepe: Bursa is a multi-sector city. Bursa is a city of industry, history and culture. Bursa is the city where the Ottoman Empire was first established. Bursa has such a historical identity. On the other hand, Bursa attracts attention with its natural beauty. We have thermal facilities. They can use thermal water in our newly built hotels. Bursa has a sea. We have Uludağ. There are hundreds of historical artifacts. There are over 100 monasteries and 7 crater lakes in Uludağ. Uludağ is also an important center for winter sports. Turkey's largest ski resort is located in Uludag. New hotels are opening. World famous hotels invest in Bursa. Uludag is popular for winter tourism. But it is also used in summer. We are completing the infrastructure in Uludağ. We make observation terraces. We are currently building the cable car line. There won't be much need to go to Uludağ by highway. We continue our efforts to eliminate other deficiencies. Parking lots and new sports facilities will also be built. There is no place in the world like Uludağ. We can say that Uludağ is the heaven on earth. Uludağ is not solved easily like Erciyes. Uludağ is also a park area. There are many trees. Erciyes is lucky in this regard.

Sami Atııcı: What kind of studies are carried out on transportation in Bursa?

Recep Altepe: Bursa does not stand still. Bursa of 10 years ago is very different from Bursa now. Ring road works continue. Fast Train is being made. High speed train will be connected to Eskişehir line. Thus, Bursa will be connected to Ankara and Konya. Our connection with Istanbul will increase. We have to improve the bridge with Istanbul. We started this work with our ships. After the privatization of Istanbul Sea Buses, there was a problem. Flights between Istanbul and Bursa had started. Now the flights continue increasingly. There are flights between Istanbul and Bursa. You reach Istanbul in 20 minutes. We will increase their numbers. We aim to increase the flights to the center in Bursa. We will establish Bursa Airlines. We make all our flights via Istanbul. We do not want to be in the shadow of Istanbul.

Kerem İşkan: The previous election district of Faruk Çelik, Minister of Labor and Social Security, was Bursa. Faruk Çelik's current constituency is Şanlıurfa. The current Minister of Bursa is Bülent Arınç. What kind of contributions do Çelik and Arınç have to Bursa? Do they support Bursa?

Recep Altepe: Mr. Faruk worked hard for Bursa. Now he is making great efforts for Urfa's investments. The face of Urfa is also changing. Metropolitan does all the work in Bursa. The municipality carries out restorations, tram investments, and stadium construction. In Urfa, investments are made by the government. Support was given to Bursa before. Now support is given to Urfa. There are all kinds of opportunities in Bursa. The number of cultural centers is increasing, historical artifacts are being restored. Urban awareness should be formed. Civilizations need to be revived here. We are doing serious studies on this subject.

Rasim Atalay: What kind of activities does Bursa Metropolitan Municipality do in rural development?

Recep Altepe: All of the cities developed with Büyükşehirler. Everywhere turned to construction site. We have started studies on our immigrating districts. We said let's make use of the flowing water. We evaluated our mines, the strong wind. We contributed to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. We have served all these districts. The aim is to use the underground resources there, let's use the water resources. We will ensure the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in these districts. You can see this best in European countries.

Sami Atıcı: What do you expect from the Anatolian cities? Do you have a call to Anatolian cities?

Recep Altepe: Industry is our national project. We want to keep our money in Turkey. We are now doing business with Turkish money. We reduced the costs to 3 in 1 with domestic production. Turkey, the Bursa of Konya, Kayseri, we want to get stronger with. Let's protect domestic investments. We can develop our industry together. If there is a knowledge and experience in Konya or Bursa, we have to benefit from it. We want to create cooperation. We can only strengthen our country in cooperation.

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