Bozdag: Yozgat will develop faster with the train and airport project

Bozdag: Yozgat will develop faster with the train and airport project
Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, Yozgat's high-speed train, the airport project will be developed more quickly completed.

Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ, who came to his hometown Yozgat to attend a series of excursions and ground-breaking ceremonies, came together with members of the press in Şahin Hill Yozgat Municipality Bilal Şahin Social Facilities. Answering the questions of journalists, Deputy Prime Minister Bozdag, Yozgat'in the republic during the era of the AK Party government said that the most services during the period. As in the four corners of Turkey Yozgat's also noted that continued its work on the development of economically Bozdag, "I hope that no troubles with the introduction 2015 year-end or 2016 years-speed train service in the head, then in our city transport with the entry into service of our airport and this will also attract investors to Yozgat. Yozgat will be an important junction especially for high speed train. Now Ankara - Kayseri will be the location of the connection between Ankara and Kayseri and then from Black Sea to Adana. This will provide a significant advantage to our province. The airport will also provide an important transportation service. Yozgat airport will serve not only in Yozgat but also in surrounding provinces. Y

Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ stated that the construction of the E-88 highway in Yozgat should be delayed last year and said N However, in the last years, we have not had any problems due to difficulties in supplying materials. This year a significant part of our roads will be completed. I care about the thoughts of our people in the construction of the ring road in Yozgat. We have the majority of the citizens who want the environment, we evaluate it according to their request. We don't have any grievances. The ring road is not something that starts and ends. For this reason, we want to start work already. Bu he said.



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