Black train

Black train
The regulation that will privatize TCDD opens the way to acquire high-speed trains such as an office car.
Arrangement will start train services between Europe and Asia, Turkey will receive funding per kilometer of rail

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in all the railways monopoly on the use of private sector envisages to open privatization arrangements in Turkey, also pave the way for the first time special train authorities in Turkey after the private plane.


Providing important information for TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman arrangements to be made, the privatization of the railways of Turkey said it would start making money from the rail. Karaman, thanks to new regulations in terms of the railways in Europe and Asia with Turkey's "bridge" could be asserted, gave the following information:


"Currently, Europe's railway companies of any country wants to carry passengers or cargo from Europe to Asian countries do not pass from Turkey. Because right to use all the railways in Turkey's TCDD monopoly. When TCDD's monopoly authority is lifted, there may be reciprocal train crossings from Europe to Asia. In this way, we also per kilometer from passing trains from Turkey, will take the track usage fee. Would it be bad if we take for example 1 dollar usage fee from the kilometer of the rail? "


General Manager Karaman stated that with the privatization of the railways, new business doors will be opened to the private sector in freight and passenger transportation. “There will be many different innovations not only in terms of trade but also on the rails. For example, today our businessmen have private planes, yachts, luxury office cars. When the new law is enacted, anyone will be able to buy an office train ”. According to the information given by Karaman, businessmen with an office train will be able to travel comfortably, comfortably and quickly in an office environment between many provinces with high speed train network.


TCDD is preparing to shake its throne on the 'signal' system of the Italian and German railways. TCDD decided to nationalize the signal system on the rails, which requires an investment of $ 2020 billion by 10. TUBITAK and ITU will develop the domestic signal system to be used by TCDD. Thus, a local signal system will be established on the new high-speed train and conventional lines to be built by TCDD. The length of the existing railway network of TCDD is 12 thousand km, the length of the signal line is 3 thousand 109 km. TCDD, which continues to make signal on the 907-kilometer line, will make the entire network signaled until 2023.

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