Difficulties in transport in the bitlist were discussed

Difficulties in transport in the bitlist were discussed
A conference on Bitlis Transportation Analysis and Proposal for the Transportation Path was given by Bitlis Eren University Vocational School of Technical Sciences (MYO). Problems of Bitlis traffic and solution suggestions were discussed at the conference.

Speaking at the conference, Lecturer Abdurrezzak, Technical Sciences Vocational School, is a very old residential area of ​​Bitlis city center, stating that it was built on a mountainous and sloping area, “Bitlis city center is a very old residential area, and the settlement is a mountainous and sloping area. was established on. There are important problems in urban traffic on this area. Mortal and injured accidents occur from time to time in the parts of E-99 International Highway that pass through the city. "Pedestrians must definitely use overpasses to minimize these cases."

Referring to railroad, airline and waterway transportation, Bakir said: “The entry of vehicles such as trucks, vans, tractors, roads and construction machines other than bicycles, cars, buses, minibuses and taxis for transportation and excursion purposes into the parts of the city site with historical and cultural texture. It should be avoided. Regarding parking lot solution, alternatives such as General Parking Lots, Parking Lots and Roadside Parking Lots should be examined. In the transportation by ferry, the transportation of railroad freight and passengers is limited due to the prolonged transportation time. In order to increase the demand for cargo and passengers, the route consisting of the railway line should be passed from the north of Lake Van. Considering the passenger capacity, the number of passengers carried and the city population, it can serve an average of 242 thousand people annually for Bitlis province. It would be appropriate to build an airport, "he said.

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