We Are Opening A Tunnel From Batman To Black Sea

After the Diyarbakir, the AK Party deputy to Batman yesterday, the 45 deputy, a social facility at the entrance of the city was greeted with drums-zurn, then drums-zurna accompanied by the 'peace avenue' drew. AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin, the names of the deputies allocated to the group by reading the list of deputies, which districts will be examined, and the deputies went to these districts with the tools allocated to them. The group, including Aydın, visited the city center.
Ak Parti Group Vice Chairman Ahmet Aydın and deputies Hasan Karali (Rize), Gökhan Gülşen (Kastamonu), Zeyd Aslan (Tokat) and Ziver Özdemir (Batman) started the tour from the Cumhuriyet District in the city center. When the delegation arrived at the Atatürk Monument, where the article “Peace in the jihad ğu instead of the“ Happy Turkish people Aydın, came to the Atatürk Monument, Ahmet Aydın said, Ne Very nice. Polemics should not be too much. We have a set of lines that tell us about this process, so no one has to worry about it. These polemics should not be caught. Let's not hang out in shape. Şek
'Let me solve my life
The delegation then sohbet While, it was seen that the Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydın spoke Kurdish. Tradesman Adnan Demir said, “It made us very happy to see you in this region for peace. I'm so excited right now that if the fire enters the store right now, I would even die. As long as peace can come to this region. I also told this to the Minister of Finance, Mr. Şimşek. We have great expectations from you. We are really brothers. Please do whatever it takes for this. "Let the problem be solved, I am ready to give my life."
Aydın said, ğ As long as you have this will, we will solve it. We want to solve this problem with the power of the nation so that a hand cannot be stolen El.
AK Party Group Vice President Ahmet Aydin, asks journalists who ask them to speak Kurdish with tradesmen, konuş It is very important for people to speak in language that they can express themselves. For years, troubles were experienced in this country. This language was ignored, banned. We are now looking at the Kurdish Literature Department. A channel of the state broadcasts in Kurdish. People should learn their own language, let them speak. Everybody express himself as he is. I am sure that the region will be overcome with the solution of this problem. Bu
During the visits, interesting conversations took place between the tradesmen of Ak Parti and Rize Deputy Hasan Karali. Craftsmen, BDP 's describing the eventful Black Sea tour, "When we go there' You're upset, you're back, '" they said. One of the tradesmen, the peace process, the deputies would not be comfortable here, said they were behind the process. Rize MP Karali said, R We have no difference, we have seen your sea. We're building a tunnel. We are shortening the distance between this and the Black Sea. You're going to eat breakfast in Batman, you'il have lunch in Rize, and you'il come in, and I'il put you in the sea. There is no problem in the Black Sea. You know that, Bunu he said.

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