Bartın Municipality Solves Another Transportation Problem

Mayor Cemal Akın made a statement about the works in the municipality located in the boundaries of the municipality located in the vicinity of the sewer line in the village of Gecen met the infrastructure requirements of the substructure to prevent the problems experienced by the infrastructure, he said.
Akın or As a municipality, we provide services in our neighborhoods and İnkumu resort town on the one hand with our infrastructure and superstructure works, while on the one hand we meet the needs of our villages located in the areas of possibilities. In this context, we meet the infrastructure requirements of the dwellings located near our sewerage network and previously trying to remove the infrastructure requirements by means of septic pits. Our teams are now laying concrete slabs of 150 up to our network with the help of our construction equipment. Our infrastructure works will continue in the demands and requests of our citizens. Alt

Source: the bartınbelediye



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