Bandırma-Balıkesir-Manisa-Menemen Line Electrification Project KİK is the contractor of Aykon Elektrik. refused to object to the result of the

TCDD Bandırma-Balıkesir-Manisa-Menemen Line Electrification Project KİK, Aykon Elektrik has been awarded by 5. refused to object to the result of the
Turkish State Railways (TCDD)
ir Bandırma - Balıkesir - Manisa - Menemen
Electrification Plants for Line Cutting
New developments related to the establishment of the tender were recorded.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Public Procurement
The Authority (GCC) is responsible for the construction of Aykon Elektrik.
5 of the sinus. refused his objection to the outcome of the proceedings.
At this stage, the JCC decision reached TCDD
To be expected. As it is known, the tender 5. Part of 24.930.442
Yapı Merkezi company won the bid with the offer.
As it will be remembered, the tender 1. and 2. part winner
Şahin Yılmaz - Emre Ray Energy joint venture
had been invited for the contract. With joint venture
1 these days. 22.097.676 lira for part, 2. for part
A contract will be signed via 19.336.827 lira.
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