Balçova Cable Car Facilities ready for Christmas

Balçova Cable Car Facilities ready for Christmas
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality, Balcova'a 12 million TL, 8 people with cabinets per thousand 200 people can carry, laid the foundation of the new ropeway in EU standards.

Kocaoglu, met with the death of the municipality Izmit as a result of the work of the municipality faced the work of 650 workers evaluated the situation.

Kocaoglu, in particular, the trade unions, "Cancel the tender," he said responding to everyone who responded to the necessarily wanted to remove subcontracting, said the following:

Iy I urge all MPs, trade unions and non-governmental organizations to struggle for the abolition of the TGNA's subcontracting order in order to ensure the right of labor and not to live with fear of dismissal of labor. The law is clear. I'm not taking refuge anywhere. In the 2009 stem from the subcontractor to the institutions of the Republic of Turkey excavations mayor, 'Let the workers in 650, you give' he does not need anyone to make recommendations. We know the subject, our heart is burning. But we are doing the right job, the right management, the right politics. Such a municipality that abides by the bureaucratic rules is developing a discourse. I refuse. Bunu

Kocaoglu, also criticized some of the AK Party deputies, the opening and groundbreaking ceremonies on Saturdays, "Izmir, even nails did not even" and "the first 5 does not have any other investments in the year," said they have given the best answers, only the last 6 per month except for cable cars 516 said that they bring in a million pounds of investment and service. Kocaoglu, the expectation of the deputies of power in the following list:

Le We look forward to working towards eliminating incentive injustice among other provinces. We expect the solid waste disposal facility to take an active role in the relevant ministries in order to solve the space problem. We are expecting to make lobbying in Ankara in order to avoid further delays in our demand for exploration, which is our most natural right, which we made for İzmir Metro. We expect the ministry's approval for our tram projects to take action to lower the dusty shelves of the capital. We expect citizens to play an active role in the allocation of Treasury land that we will use for service. In order to eliminate double standards for İzmir, we expect them to create an element of power and pressure in Ankara.

Kocaoglu, Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan, the new fair area, the loan will be used, the foreign source of 2, local source 4 points said that encouragement points. Kocaoglu said that they relax on it, but said the upper limit of credit that they can use that turn out to be 600 thousand, "Turkey's lowest loan, but the upper limit of 600 thousand. We are investing in 400 million TL. Ir He concluded his speech with the phrase, In Mevlana's Mesnevi,, milyon You go to the mill without wheat but with hair, a beard wears, nothing else'lik.

Balcova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya also congratulated Kocaoğlu on his üret one hand zorlu, kut On the other hand, you will produce boza on the other hand. Not easy, Kolay he said. The Governor of Balçova Ahmet Beyoğlu praised both his service and the ironic, upright stance of the people of İzmir.

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