The suffering of students living in the bag will end with İZBAN

The suffering of students living in the bag will end with İZBAN
The number of students living in Torbalı and going to various regions of Izmir to continue their education is quite high. The biggest problem of these students is the long journeys that change many vehicles. İZBAN will remove this problem radically and provide faster transportation.

İZBAN, which is the agenda item of TORBALI in recent months, is the subject of continuous discussion and stands out with the issue of overpasses and the division of the district. However, another aspect of the project is much less. Thanks to the project, the values ​​that the district will gain and the ease of transportation are sometimes found in the media. İZBAN which will provide a great advantage in transportation will connect Torbalı to İzmir. Thanks to the project, which will eliminate the hassle of transferring, transportation will become faster and simpler. Thus, the citizens of Halkapınar, Şirinyer, Karşıyaka, Aliağa, Menderes, Gaziemir with a single vehicle to reach places such as the bus will reach much faster.


Those who will benefit most from the ease of transportation will be the students. Students from Torbalı, who travel every day to study in various regions of Izmir, will now facilitate transportation with İZBAN. Students are very happy with the shorter and faster transportation. Circular 2 years about Torchalı Industrial Vocational High School Çınarlı Canberk Gunay, IZBAN project will benefit most of them, he said. Günay said that they made long and difficult trips on buses and said, ın The journey by bus is very long and tiring. I'm changing 3 times to go to school. However, after IZBAN's arrival, the situation will change. I can go to school with one car. İZBAN will help us the most. At the same time we will travel cheaper than the bus thanks to İZBAN. Since we do not have to go to the 720 numbered line, we can only go to 1 Liraya school. İlçe

'GÜNÜM is on the road'

Emir Sönmezışık, who went to Göztepe Maritime High School from Torbalı indicating that the schools would be closer now, said: epe For the year 2 I am going to my school by bus from Torbalı. A big part of my day is on the way. The biggest reason for this lack of a means of shortening transportation. However, I was very happy with the project IZBAN. Now I will be able to reach my school easily with Metro transfer from Halkapınar. As well as the 2 times faster than the bus. Another advantage that IZBAN will gain is that we will not be caught in traffic. Waiting in traffic increases our going to school even more. Sometimes that's why we're late for school. That's why we look forward to İZBAN

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