Bond Owners React on the Ring Road

Connectors have reacted to the Ring Road. The highway which was built to relieve the traffic problem in the city center attracted the owners of the vineyards, and the farmers who claimed that many adult pistachio trees were plundered stopped the road.
The owner of the vineyard, Abdulkadir Celik, stated that he had pillaged the 600 pieces of pistachio tree and said, N When I woke up in the morning, I encountered a shocked landscape. On my affiliation 200 said the peanut trees that are annually small, total 600 pieces were destroyed, including pistachio trees.
Small Industrial Site junction, Aydınlar-Şirvan district highway connection to provide connection to the road works of the vineyard road is doing a great damage to the steel, Siirt's oxygen depot that the destruction of the bond can not give meaning, he said. Steel, "without notification, without expropriation, without any payment to us, our efforts to destroy our ties that have been destroyed for years, this way has been victimized," he said.
President of the Association for the Protection of Siirt Farmer Property Mahmut Öz, the environment is not against the road, but farmers should not be victimized, he said. He said, yapıl The authorities should give the right to the owners of the vineyards, but so far no bond has been paid to the owner. We warn the authorities about this issue, Yet he said.
Sabahattin Ataker, who makes his living as a farmer in Siirt, stated that the road was a civilization and that they took part in every aspect of the development of the city. T However, the result cannot be reached by working in this way. No bond owner should be victimized, it is not sincerely that most of the vineyards he cultivates with great labor are destroyed without expropriation. The grievance of the bond holders must be eliminated gideril.
Starting from the junction of the Small Industrial Estate and connecting the Aydınlar-Şirvan highway, the construction of the Ring Road, which will reduce the transportation of the Organized Industrial Zone from 14 to 7, was stopped by the court. However, upon the resumption of the works, the owners of the vineyards protested the works by cutting the way.

Source: haber01

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