Earth Shift

The road was closed to the road due to the landslide on the asphalt road at the İkizdere Dam site of İncirliova-Tire road.
Asphalt collapsed for about 15 meters on a part of the road that provides access to 10 villages in Aydın's Incirliova district. While the construction equipment belonging to the Incirliova municipality came to the scene to intervene, the gendarmerie teams blocked the road to traffic.
Provincial Governor Adem Ünal, Incirliova Mayor Fadime Orbay and other officials on the scene with the investigation of Highways Izmir 2. Regional Director Abdullakadir Uraloğlu said that the geography in the region is a challenging geography.
“We tried to make a standard way here before. He built a road that DSI thought of as a dam variant before and we were in the event. Of course, malfunctions also occur in these broken lands and landslides are also experienced from time to time. This is one of them, but when we think of it compared to the previous ones, it can be said that it is a smaller size.
We will intervene in these by making the necessary projects. Events like this can happen over a period of a few years. In this sense, we will try to take the measures we will take before it becomes this. We estimate that it originates from underground spring waters. The water is already visible. We will also take precautions regarding this water and then do what is necessary for the road. For now, we will make a temporary secondary road and ensure that the citizens come and pass. Then we will open the road to traffic by making the collapsed road. "
Mayor Fadime Orbay said, “There have been such shifts on this road before. As the municipality, we immediately intervened with construction equipment. Now we are faced with a similar incident. "Our only comfort is the absence of loss of life and property," he said.
Municipal machines continue to work to open a new path.

Source: mynet



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