Ataköy 5.

Ataköy 5.

29 Ataköy 2013, which was planned before, within the scope of Marmaray Project which is planned to be completed on October 5. Part of the train station is being built. When the project is completed, people who take the train from Ataköy will be able to transfer from the stations to Kartal and reach to Kartal. Ataköy 5. Is the location of the train station to take part? What do the authorities say?

The Marmaray Project, which is one of the biggest projects of the Ministry of Transportation, is a turning point not only for Istanbul but also for our country and railway. Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in our country. Industry, trade, culture, education center. One-fifth of the economic production of our country, one-fourth of the motor vehicles, the 30 of the cars in this city. Above all, it is our history treasure and a world city.

Within the scope of the Marmaray Project, which aims to bring a fundamental solution to the urban transportation problem of Istanbul by public transport, the European side Halkalıfrom Istanbul to Gebze on the Asian side, uninterrupted, modern, high-capacity, fast, environment-free and historical textures are destroyed.

The second stage of the Marmaray Project is called Gebze-Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci-Halkalı Within the scope of the improvement of the Suburban Lines, 43.4 km will be on the Asian side and 19.6 km suburban lines on the European Side will turn into a superficial metro. 36 station will be renewed. The number of lines will be increased to 3. In one of these lines load and outline passenger transport will be done. With the launch of Marmaray, Gebze -Halkalı 2-10 will be carried out one time per minute, and 75 one passenger will be transported in one direction on both sides.

60150 is the largest neighborhood of Ataköy, 7,8,9,10 housing and later 950 with 6 housing. Ataköy 5. In part, the train station was reserved. Now the station is allocated to the place of those days; it is not possible to know that the problems that will not be compensated for in the future will cause problems such as traffic.

In the face of the rhetoric that this station can be taken in front of a large area several hundred meters south-west, the authorities say that technically this is not possible.
Just as rationally, they show that the rails should be straight at the station.

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