The Project of the 19th Century, The Day of Marmaray Opening (Video)

The Project of the 19th Century
Marmaray, which connects the two sides of the Bosporus to the tunnel, is now counting down. Rough construction and rails were completed on the connection provided by the tunnel passing under the sea level 60 meter. The works for the electronic and mechanical parts are going on, while the opening of the tunnel will be held in October.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "the project of the century," which he calls Marmaray, Kazlıçeşme'dan entering the bottom of the Marmara Sea 60 continue to surface in Sogutlucesme. Built by the Eurontel model in the English Channel, which connects France and England, Marmaray's length of tube passage under the sea is 3100 meters. Marmaray Halkalı76 to the total length of up to Gebze'ye finds. In Marmaray, which was constructed as two tunneled tunnel, which is resistant to earthquakes, flexibility was provided by using a special method among the tubes.


1 million people per day
The Japanese Taisez company, which undertook the project, worked in great care during the construction process and stated that the project was completed in Marmaray for the first time in the Bosphorus with the immersion tube tunnel and the first time in the Bosphorus. he.

The first train 29 on October
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, i The project of the century, our annual dream of 150 ri the idea of ​​Marmaray, which he called, was put forward by Sultan Abdulmecit and has been raised many times until now. 150 annual dream, 29 October 2013'de Prime Minister Erdogan will participate in a ceremony. The service of Marmaray will ease the traffic of the Bosphorus and bridge in Istanbul, reduce the noise and reduce the air pollution.

Marmaray with figures
- Superficial Metro section length: 63 km
- Number of stations on the surface: 37 units
- Total length of throat tube passage: 13.6 km
- Drilling tunnel length: 9.8 km
- Maximum speed: 100 km / h
- Immersed tube tunnel length: 1.4 km
- Open and cover tunnel length: 2.4 km
- Number of underground stations: 3 units
- Station length: 255 meter
- Number of passengers in one direction: 75 thousand per hour
- Number of vehicles: 440 (in 2015)
- Train time: 2-10 minutes

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