Ankara-Istanbul YHT project claims shock about the opening date

Ankara-Istanbul YHT project claims shock about the opening date
It is claimed that Ankara-Istanbul YHT line will not be available on 29 October 2013 on a website that publishes sectoral news about railways.

İstanbul We provide precise evidence that the high-speed train line will not open in October at 29. T The website, 16, stated that the tender carried out by TCDD on April was a tender for some parts of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line. The site has the following statements:


Ecek 16 In April, TCDD will tender the Inonu-Kösekoy high-speed train line to check whether the infrastructure, superstructure, electrification and signaling systems are in compliance with the standards and to be certified by independent institutions. Given the fact that the tendering processes in the high-speed train projects can sometimes find the year 1, it is unlikely that this tender will be concluded in a short time. However, we can say that our good intentions will be realized in the short term and the actual start of the works will be realized this year. 365 days, ie 1 years, is the period determined for these works in the tender specifications. Therefore, the work planned to start this year, the earliest 2014 2. will result in half. It is not possible to make such a choice, as the opening of a line without the completion of certification studies is likely to be troublesome for safety. It can be concluded that in October, 29 was definitely not an opening, and that even an opening for this year is not possible. Bu


On the other hand, TCDD officials stated that certification processes cover pre-operation and post-operation processes. The independent organization will take the tender before the opening of the YHT line and after the opening of the registration process will continue the authorities, YHT'lerin pre-qualification document will expedition, this is the normal procedure, he said. The same process in the Ankara-Konya YHT line that gives information about the application of TCDD officials, Ankara-Istanbul YHT line of flights to delay the start of October 29 October is not in question, he said.



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