Adıyaman Şanlıurfa Duble Road Tender Completed

Demirtas, the Governor, said: ında Investment program, Gölbaşı Adıyaman distinction 9. The road length, also known as the Border Road, is 32,6 km, and the project of the double road project was realized by 27.02.2013 General Directorate of Highways. The total cost was 95.512.000 TL, the 2013 year was 1.000.000 TL. The tender process for the double road project of Adıyaman-Şanlıurfa is ongoing. If there is no problem in the JCC, work will start in this year. Herhangi
The project is planned to be completed in 2016 and as a Governor to start the work as a Governor to make special efforts to the Governorate Governor Demirtas, this road as a double road service between the commercial and raw materials supply between Sanliurfa and Adiyaman, especially the development and development of the positive stressed that it will provide contributions in the direction.

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