Bureaucrats Delayed Adana Metro

Bureaucrats Delayed Adana Metro
Speaking at Adana Metropolitan Municipality Council, Deputy Mayor did not mind the mind, bureaucrats delayed the Adana subway. Vice President does not mind the mind, “If we did these services, it was with the support of the councilors. Otherwise, this municipality, which owes 1 quadrillion debt with old money, should not sit and do anything. We borrowed and provided these services with the project supports of our councilors. These people needed these services. ” Responding to criticism about the underpasses of the councilors flooded when it rains, Aldırmaz said, “After the work there is over 1,5 months, we will put a white-covered table there in the first rain, and I will have tea with our journalists who want it there.” Referring to the 2nd Stage Metro Project, Aldırmaz noted: “When this municipality had not borrowed 1 times trillion debt with the old money before, or when Mr. Prime Minister said,“ I will buy and finish the subway halfway, we will do the second stage ”. Some bureaucrats drove their feet. We completed the 2st stage, and we completed and delivered the project of the 1nd stage. They will take action for the 2nd Stage Metro Project, such as June or July. ” After Aldırmaz's speech, the proposal of the Metropolitan Municipality 2 Annual Report was submitted to the parliament. The proposal was accepted by majority of votes. After the vote, Vice Chairman Aldırmaz made a speech of thanks.

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