A bus company closes every month

A bus company closes every month
Until recently the backbone of the passenger road transport sector in Turkey, grows popular airline flights to and from High Speed ​​Rail bottlenecks by getting rid of waiting has fallen into the investment support in order to survive.

TOBB Highway Passenger Transport Assembly Member and Izmir Bus and Terminal Operations Co. (İZOTAŞ) Operation Manager Bülent Korkmaz evaluated the problems and solutions of the sector to AA correspondent.

Highway passenger transport, airway and railway passenger transport in the last 10 year, recorded that the loss of power in the inverse proportional to the loss of the Korkmaz, the industry quickly shrunk, he added.

Korkmaz stated that the situation in the sector is reflected in the number of companies and passenger capacities and said: “When we look 10 years ago, the number of bus companies with D1 authorization certificate is around 600 now. There is a rapid decrease in the number of bus companies, approximately 330 company closes its shutters every month. However, there is a huge drop in the number of passengers. There is a 1 percent decrease in the number of voyages compared to previous years. Bus occupancy rates are also at the level of 30 percent. ”-“ Long lines were affected the most ”- Korkmaz pointed out that the companies working on long lines were affected the most by the developments and said,“ The number of companies shows a tremendous decrease especially at distances of 40 kilometers and more. Firms that made 600 or 2 trips a day in the long even in the past started to reduce their flights to 3 a day. These companies became unable to do business in 1 months of the year. These companies either stop their flights completely in this 8-month period and only open their flights during the 8-month period when there is work, or they have become to travel 4 day or 1 days a week ”.

Korkmaz stated that the 4-5 is a livelihood gate for millions of people in the road passenger transport sector and that the sector needs support in order not to get any more injuries.

Noting that only Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal is a place that provides direct income for 10 thousand people, Korkmaz said: “Necessary applications were made to the ministry by sector representatives and federations for support. Correspondence and negotiations continue to reduce the SCT by 50 percent in diesel, and there is also the issue of reducing the VAT rate to 8 percent on tickets. Our state has reduced the VAT from 18 percent on certain issues in tourism to 8 percent, but the VAT rate on tickets in bus companies remains at 18. Even though the talks about this continue, there is nothing concrete.

Source : ekonomi.milliyet.com.t is

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