Konyalılar Wonder 2 YHT Station

Konyalılar Wonder 2 YHT Station
YHT, ie High Speed ​​Train Y

No lie is the biggest achievement of Konya in the AKP period.

For now, we are talking about it for days, weeks because there is no other gain.

YHT Eskişehir-Konya line with the introduction of YHT agenda again sat.

YHT says, YHT is such a böyle narrator.

All of the proxies are in line and interrupting.

Even some proxies who do not have a word to say are taking shelter behind YHT and come to the press.

They are saying that; YHT their work. They have learned themselves, struggled with life and brought them to Konya.

But we know the essence of work is not their work.

After the election of the AKP Headquarters personally to Konya.

Some kind of blue bead that Erdogan wore.

He deserved it, Konya. It is not easy so suddenly to return to the castle of Erbakan from the castle of Erbakan with the only choice. Erdogan didn't wear blue beads.

Anyway, these are aside now.

As a result, everyone from YHT is satisfied.

It's good, there's a lot of use.

But now there is a new expectation in Konyalı.

They wonder about the 2'nci Gar, which is said to be built around the old Wheat Market.

Will it be done?

Will it be done?

What to do when and how?

Most regional shopkeepers are curious. Because it resembles the mausoleum right now. If the construction of the 2 station begins, then they hope to get a little bit organized.

We reminded you before, now let's remind you.

People are waiting for an answer for YHT 2'nci Gar.

If anybody knows, he can have the microphone.

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