The Beauties of Çemşi Cihan

Bartın and Amasra district between the 21 construction began in May and the excavation work was completed in the autumn of Amasra tunnel 2013 stating that they are planning to open the AK Party Bartin deputy Yilmaz Tunc, looking at the exit of the tunnel overlooking the Amasra cruise terraces and domestic and foreign tourists 'Çeşmi Cihan' She said that she would watch 'the beauties' from the terrace.
Yılmaz Tunç said that the construction of Amasra Tunnel started in 21 May, and that the excavation works of a thousand 65 meters were completed after a short day of work in a short time such as 8 months; said that it will be opened to the end of the transportation.
Tunç said in a statement, “Our road, which takes 17 minutes from the 30-kilometer-long winding roads between Bartın-Amasra, will decrease to 6 kilometers with the tunnel after the tunnel is put into service, and the transportation from Bartın to Amasra will be reduced to 5 minutes. Thus, our city center of Bartın and our historical and touristic district Çeşmi Cihan Amasra will be united. In addition, with the construction of the Amasra passenger pier, which is still under construction, transportation to Amasra from all over the world will also be provided by sea. Again, the 11-kilometer section between Bartın and Kurucaşile will be passed through 5 tunnels. We started the construction of a total of 22 kilometers of tunnels as round trips. Works in three of the tunnels continue with a 550-person construction site, from where these large investments are transferred to Bartın. kazanI would like to thank our Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binalı Yıldırım, and the employees of the Highways Administration and the contractor company.”

Source: your reporter

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