IZBAN seminar was held with intensive participation

IZBAN seminar was held with intensive participation
İZBAN General Manager Cons. Eng. The seminar on “A Model in Urban Rail Systems: İZBAN” presented by Sabahattin ERİŞ was held with the intense participation of our members.

Sabahattin ERİŞ in the presentation of commuter management according to international standards İzbanın durumu, diğer ulaşım sistemleriyle İzbanComparison of costs, existing railway lines being renewed by suburban system, current system problems, İzban operating system, İzbanın İzmirIn addition, the Izmir-Ankara YHT project provided detailed information about the railway systems that are planned to be built in İzmir and the region in the coming years.

After the presentation, our members answered their questions in detail. Eris, colleagues and the Chamber of Civil Engineersyla her zaman diyalog halinde olduğunu, İzbansaid that they would evaluate the opinions and suggestions of all colleagues.

At the end of the seminar, a branch plaque was presented by our Branch President Ayhan Emekli.



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